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Here you will find some information and news about my projects and art works

Fearful Intentions @ Jozsa Gallery, Brussel. Belgium

“Fearful Intentions” @ Gallery Catherine Jozsa 

13.09.14 – 08.11.14

In continuity with Anila Rubiku previous projects, Jozsa Gallery is pleased to present Fearful Intentions, the second solo show of works by Anila Rubiku at the gallery.

With three different projects, Anila Rubiku transports us to Albania’s landscapes in order to discover the communist past through bunkers, she also tackles the issue of domestic violence in her country and the topic of dictators love for art trying to make art fight back.


Installation in the gallery

“Effacing memory”

It’s a fact that many dictators collected art, mostly by stealing it. There are various reasons for this but one of the messages they were sending was « that they weren’t simply murdering psychopaths, they had –taste– as well ». 

But it is odd that there are so many totalitarian collectors of art in history. 

The project Effacing Memory was born of Rubiku’s mind when she was resident at the Hammer Museum in winter 2013: What if art could fight back against these dictators by erasing them from our collective memories? Subsequently, when this idea was put to a curator to give Rubiku a perspective, she discovered that there was one famous case of erasure in recent art history, Rauschenberg erasing a de Kooning drawing. So, through twelve portraits of dictators, Rubiku allows art to fight back by effacing these dictators: Ceausescu, Goebbels, Goring, Hitler, Hoxha, Il Duce, Kim Jong, Mao, Marcos, Miloscevic, Shah Iran and Stalin. This project consists of a video and the erased etchings paper work.


“Effacing Memory” 2014   Dry point, etching on Arches paper and erased  cm: 66 x 47

Installation  “Effacing Memory” 2014  12 dry point echings and then erased.

6 - still Effacing memory Film

Effacing Memory film 15′ 

“Effacing Memory” 

“Albania: Women, Justice and the Law” 

Anila Rubiku organised workshops with those women in prison Ali Demi – Prison 325 in Tirana. The idea behind this was to use art to reveal the suffering of these women and the fact that they had no legal protection. The work Albania: Women, Justice and the Law was presented to politicians, journalists and opinion formers at the gallery of the Tirana Academy of Arts (FAB) in October 2013. Through these workshops, in association with psychologist Dr. Jeffrey Adams, she wanted to let women prisoners express themselves in art and through narratives about their ordeal. Many prisoners applied to participate in the workshops but 12 attended through to the end. 

The grills of Anila Rubiku are the artistic contribution from the project. They represent Rubiku’s insight into each personality informed by the women’s art and narratives. 


Portrait of a Freed Woman  Watercolour on Arches paper, Iron sculpture, Sewin on cloth.

Portrait of a Freed Woman

“Bunker Mentality: Landscape Legacy”

In her series Bunker Mentality: Landscape Legacy Anila Rubiku created a water-colour series representing these bunkers. She also made a beeswax installation of bunkers presented at the Kiev Biennale. Her artistic interpretation of these concrete mushrooms is at once a reminder of the horrible past and a message to future generations.


“Bunker Mentality: Landscape Legacy” 2012  Watercolour on Arches paper

Bunker Hills

“Bunker Hills” 2014  Watercolour on Arches paper

“Bunker Mentality: Landscape Legacy”

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