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“HATS PROTECT IDEAS” @Artissima Art Fair Turin, Italy

The Foundation Borsalino partner at Artissima18 with HATS PROTECT IDEAS

Turin, October 2011

For the first time, on the occasion of Artissima 18, the Foundation Borsalino participates with a site specific project named Meeting Point Borsalino  http://www.fondazioneborsalino.com/it/activity/anila-rubiku-per-il-meeting-point-borsalino/ at the Fair meetings and lectures area. The graphic project is a journey through the Foundation and its philosophy images. Starting point: the HATS PROTECT IDEAS drawings and saying, from the installation created by Albanian artist Anila Rubiku (Durazzo 1970) for the Albania Pavillion at the 58th edition of Venice Biennale, featuring untill November 27th the project by the Albanian artist that marked the beginning of her cooperation with the Foundation Borsalino. Hats not just as mere objects but a symbol of thoughts able to embrace and shelter reflections on art and its exeedings.

Artissima will display a graphic rielaboration of Anila Rubiku work for 2011 Biennale (Mari Conidi graphic project): a theory of over sixty hand embroidered hats, revealing the autobiographic story that poetically narrates all the efforts made by those who leave their Country to find themsenves in search of a new citizenship. The title, HATS PROTECT IDEAS, will be the cultural patrimony of the Foundation Borsalino and will identify the commitment by the Foundation Borsalino in building a bridge between business culture and the best contemporary voices. The cooperation between the Foundation Borsalino and Anila Rubiku will continue in the next months with the creation of a special hats collection inspired by the historical archive of the firm, to be introduced at Pitti Uomo in January 2012.

Therefore, HATS PROTECT IDEAS introduces a new projectual way by the Foundation Borsalino to support contemporary art, curated by Elisa Fulco. Every year the Foundation will invite an artist to engage Borsalino’s archive and style department, to go over business culture in a contemporary way, creating a limited edition hats collection. After the experience in the firm, the artist will be supported in his/her work or in the creation of a personal exhibition in museum spaces.

“We truely believe in art and its ability to narrate tales that, starting from autobiographic experiences, become universal” said Roberto Gallo, President of the Foundation Borsalino and Sole Administrator of Borsalino SpA. “We embraced Anila Rubiku and her work for we wish to go on a journey of exchanges and mutual growth, and the enthusiasm of a cultural, artistic, creative and social commitment. Supporting this young emergent artist, her brilliant and poetic work so topical, will help us giving voice to those who have no voice. We believe Artissima is the right place to do so.”

On Saturday November 5th, starting at 4pm at the Meeting Point Borsalino, Artissima 18, the Foundation Borsalino will introduce the meeting “Contemporary exercises: the business culture within history, art and education”. An opportunity to think out with different Foundations, museums and business archives the possibility to create a contemporary business culture, through different but close starting with the past history to create new contents, maintaining the tradition of prestigious cooperations with artists, advertisers and designers, or even including art within business dynamics. The speakers are called to answer a few questions: to what extent the business history can be contaminated with other disciplines? How can past and present archives be translated into alive, speaking documents?

What museum models should we refer to to portray business? Can art teach business? Or vice versa?


On Saturday November 5th, starting at 4pm

ESERCIZI DI CONTEMPORANEITA’: la cultura d’impresa tra storia, arte e formazione


EXERCISES ON CONTEMPORANEITY: corporate culture through history, art and education

Relatori / Speakers:

Elisa Fulco, curatrice/curator Fondazione Borsalino,

Anila Rubiku: artista / artist;

Francesca Appiani, curatrice / curator Museo Archivio Alessi e vice presidente / and vice president


Deborah Caré, direttore / director Fondazione Ermano Casoli e / and brand marketing manager gruppo Elica

Modera / Moderator: Elisa Fulco, curatrice / curator Fondazione Borsalino


The Borsalino Foundation was established in February 2008 to be an effective tool for recognizing and continuing the ambitious activites begun in 2003 by Borsalino S.p.A., with the mission of building on its tradition of patronage and search for innovation. The Foundation has as its objectives the appreciation and communication of the rich cultural And entrepreneurial heritage of Borsalino Giuseppe & Fratelllo S.p.A. Through the promotion of the Alessandria’s Borsalino Hat Museum and study of the Borsalino Historical Archives; the analysis and communication of the historical, cultural and social aspects of fashion, with particular attention to headwear; the promo¬tion of contemporary culture as expressed in its various languages (exhibitions, events, publications, filmreviews); and supporting the culture of handcrafted products and the Made in Italy tradition. The Foundation’s multidisciplinary initiatives range from contemporary art to the culture of enterprise; from displaying the historical assets of Borsalino to studying the relations between headwear and contemporary society; from the search for new technologies and materials for hats to the formation of the tailoring sector in fashion.

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