.A N I L A . R U B I K U.

Here you will find some information and news about my projects and art works

“Being Accepted” Strasbourgh, France

May – June 2009
Windows upon Oceans- Berlin Wall 20 years after
“Being Accepted"  part of the project Fenêtres sur Mers,
organised by Apollonia European Art Exchange Strasbourg.France.
(Curated by Dimitri Konstantinidis)

“Being Accepted” is a new project presented in Strasbourg for the first time. It is based on the concept of distance, memory, time and changes.

The concentrated way of looking at my past through distance allows me to see the present and be myself today. The white line on the black paper, together with memory and the past through the distance becomes a powerful art work. Through this distance the idea becomes sentiment, music, and poetry….

I like telling stories, and get the source from daily life and through this distance and united with the right media it becomes freedom into my work.

I think how today this distance allows me to get back into my past and look how I have been accepted first by myself and also from the others. Through the witting this concept on the works:

“Don’t care if the others don’t accept you…. Accept yourself for what you are!”

“It’s not the right moment.”

“I would like to dive into my world. It would be wonderful if I knew which world was. It might be worth a try anyway”….

The video installation is one of my recent works done during my residency at ASU Art Museum in Arizona. For this new work “Sunsex in Arizona” I have involved members of the local community in the production. Sewing 180 leather pieces all together inside the gallery of the museum and from these stitched works represent a form of narrative with subject matter inspired by the desert landscape, urban growth, fertility and sexual reproduction. The cactus that grows prolifically in Arizona has phallic conations through its bizarre expansion and contraction with the climate. equates the fertility of the cactus to the rapidly expanding urban development and population in Arizona. These drawings are a spontaneous, self-reflective process of exploring and questioning my present and future existence. Whilst abroad on residencies, sewing becomes a method of reconnecting with my cultural roots and family tradition.

Six of the stitched leather works mounted in a plasma screen into six mood video animation

Through the sound, the video installation with the stitched work with the sound and becomes more powerful and something totally different.

My work is autobiographic and relates to the more philosophical aspects of travel or mind-journeys. A desire to be elsewhere, expectations and hopes and the perception of far away places and people. There is an ongoing dialogue between inside and outside with an investigation of the relationship between the body, architecture and the home. My work reflects on industrialization, modernization and design for living, while addressing issues of gender, sexuality and their underlying issues in connection to urban domestic life. My work also explores the wider notion embodied in travel of the dialectic between anticipation and reality and how it relates to time.