.A N I L A . R U B I K U.

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“One Night Only”
“One Night Only” Video Art Installation @Taliesin West the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation in a collaboration with ASU Art Museum.(Coordinated by John Spiak)

“One night only” Video Art Installation @Taliesin West FLW Foundation, Scottsdale, Arizona Video Installation made of shapes of different cities and on top of it is projected the 55′ Video. Music by Erick Loi. The 55′ video are from Old porno movies from 1910- 1970 when it was illegal.

The U.S. premiere of her video installation @Taliesin West, the international headquarters for the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation in a collaboration with ASU Art Museum, on November 14, 2008, from 7pm – 9pm. Titled One Night Only, the video installation continues the artist’s conversation on urban and human development. “Both the Museum work and the video installation are about architecture,” says Rubiku. “People make families and initially start a city because they need someplace for their families. As the cities grow they start becoming more planned, but they are still planned in response to human needs. These two different media are just two different ways of exploring this same theme. One Night Only includes a paper construction of the most rapidly growing cities of the last ten years with video projection, and has been shown before only in Tel Aviv. Rubiku’s works are recommended for mature audiences; the viewing at Taliesin West is free but does not include tours of the facility.  As part of its mission as a university museum, ASU Art Museum is committed to showing artists’ work first and is proud to offer artists the opportunity to grow creatively and experiment with new forms. The Social Studies initiative provides opportunities for artists working in various media to interact creatively and collaboratively with students, other artists, faculty and community members. The social interaction of the Museum-as-artist’s-studio setting encourages participants to explore new avenues of creativity and ultimately enhance their understanding of their world and each other.
Taliesin West, Scottsdale, Arizona


Arizona State University Art Museum – Tempe, Arizona