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“What do you make of this” @ FAB Tirana, Albania.

This show was organized by T.I.C.A. Tirana Institute of Contemporary Art – as part of AIRLAB Residency Program 2013.

Artists: Anila Rubiku, Susanne Schär & Peter Spillmann,Wendelin Pressl.

 “Albania, Women, Justice and the Law”

 A project by artist Anila Rubiku in association with psychologist Dr. Jeffrey Adams.

Two months workshop held at Women Prison 325 Ali Demi in Tirana, Albania.


Albania, women justice and the law-1.11


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Today, many of the women incarcerated in Albania are inside for murder or extreme violence of some sort. These murders, like most murders, are family affairs.

If women are not protected from domestic violence then many more are waiting to be incarcerated.

How can art help raise awareness of this? Albania has adequate laws to protect these women. But they are not enforced. It is a question of attitude and priorities: awareness.

Violence against women and their reaction to it must become a priority in society and my project using art with prisoners to express their experience and,with TICA, making sure viewers express what they think about the art work, is intended to do just that. 

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