.A N I L A . R U B I K U.

Here you will find some information and news about my projects and art works


14.05.09 – 29.05.09 “Being Accepted” @ Institut Culturel Italien, Strasbourg, France



“Being accepted”, a real autobiographic narration is an installation elaborated by Anila Rubiku, based on contrasts of shadows and light, on confusion between the interior and exterior, between construction and destruction.

Neighbours’ regular visits, the strong bonds that unite the people who live in the same neighbourhood, solidarity, the days of embroidery between friends… are the strong elements of the Albanian society, deeply ingrained in the artist’s memory.

All those memories who are being revived during the process of creation, are guiding her artistic development and the plastic forms she chooses.

If the electric lamp lights the little houses, it also sheds a light on an authentic vision of the Albanian society during the time of the exhibition.

From an anthropological perspective, Anila Rubiku’s creations, gives us the opportunity to understand and to apprehend the Man through his environment and his residence


14.03.09 – 9.05.09 “Imagine the possibilities” @ Gallery Alessandro Bagnai,Florence, Italy (Curated by James Putnam)


The exhibition will include two large poliptychs, created in Arizona and Milan using the technique of embroidery on scraps of leather: samples of premium leathers used for armchair and sofa upholstery – obligingly provided by the Moroso company – on which embroidery follows the outline of the design. For part of the realization of these works, Anila Rubiku capitalized on the collaboration of Arizona State University students during a workshop she held at ASU Art Museum of Arizona. Also on exhibit is a series of etchings; an installation entitled Milano-Tokyo. A round trip comprising 50 tambour-frames with scenes on linen documenting her trip to Japan, where in 2006 she participated in the Echigo Tsumari triennial; and finally, a suspended model of a Cessna airplane on which 6 small monitors are mounted, each showing a different animation, an invitation and a testimonial of her need to get to know new worlds and ways of living through travel.
Anila Rubiku’s work is a form of narration, the story of her personal path of experimentation, the questioning of her existence through investigation of the impact that human experiences and sentiments have on the place in which they occur. Sexuality, expressed explicitly, loses its proper erotic content to become an instrument of understanding of interpersonal relations, of the way in which they are made explicit according to socio-cultural context, geographic latitude and climate, determining social factors such as urban expansion or demographic density – themes that the artist explores with knowing irony and translates with subtle traces of embroidery.
The embroidery hearkens back to her origins, to the land from which Rubiku set out – Albania -, and to the memory of women bent over loom frames, intent on their work. Embroidery allows her, through a sort of backwards voyage, to conceive of the future, to imagine its possibilities, to not remain immobile, to incarnate the nomadism that compels her to constantly seek new places, new ways of interpreting the contemporary through her work. “Perforating paper,” Rubiku explains, “is a non-recurring action, you have to start from scratch every time…”
Anila RubiKu was born in Durres, and currently lives and works in Milan.
Her works can be found in important public and private collections.