.A N I L A . R U B I K U.

Here you will find some information and news about my projects and art works


"The Bearable Lightness of being. The metaphor of the space"
@ Palazzo Pesaro Papafava. 11th International Architecture Biennale Venice, Italy




"Emergenze Creative"
@ MAR Museo d’Arte della Città di Ravenna, Italy.


Sewn and perforated paper, led light system, plexiglass 50×150×70

Extremely delicate, poetic, highly intimist, the light installations by artist Anila Rubiku are made of miniature houses embroidered by hand by the artist herself and illuminated from the inside. These visions make the viewer feel protected, welcome him-her to a safe haven, to the temple of domestic peace. The notion of “home” is the core of the art practice of this Albanian artist who through the art of embroidery evokes the bond with her roots, with those handicraft practices she has been familiar during her adolescence and here used once again with superb mastery and patience. Working on the borderline between art and design which is fast dissipating, these precious domestic objects express the fragility and the poetic feeling conveyed by the most intense personal and collective memories.


02.05.2008 –  12.07.2008

"The thread as the line: Contemporary sewn art"
@ Ellipse Arts Centre, Arlington, Virginia, USA (Curator  Cynthia Connolly)


"Women’s Images/Frauenbilder"
@ Kunsthalle Lingen, Germany.(Curator Dr. Heiner Schepers)

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