Artist Anila Rubiku

Anila Rubiku is an Albanian born Italian artist (1970) who studied at the Tirana Academy of Arts (1994) and did her post graduate work in Milan at the Brera Academy (2000). At present she works between Milan, Tirana and Toronto. Rubiku’s work is intimately connected to social and political issues.

“Inhabiting the Mediterranean“@ The Institut Valencià d’Art Modern, IVAM, Spain.

“The Consequences of Love″  Solo Exhibition @ Kyro Art Gallery  Pietrasanta  (IT)
“The Consequences of Love″  Solo Exhibition @ Kyro Art Gallery  Pietrasanta  (IT)
"Down and troubled" 2017
“The Consequences of Love″  Solo Exhibition @ Kyro Art Gallery  Pietrasanta  (IT)
“The Consequences of Love″  Solo Exhibition @ Kyro Art Gallery  Pietrasanta  (IT)
“Bedlam & Balance″  Exhibition @ ArtYard Frenchtown (NJ)


“T’Ain’t Nobody’s Business if I do″ Solo exhibition @ Zygote Press Gallery Cleveland  (OH)





Installation Thessaloniki Biennale_2_Anila Rubiku

“Defiants’ Portraits#1-12″ @ The 5th Thessaloniki Biennale

“Defiants’ Portraits#1-12″ @ The 5th Thessaloniki Biennale


“A robe of envenomed agony” Prometheus Unbound, act 1,-Shelly  2015

Drawing Biennial 2015 London



Under Erasure_017

  Installation  “Effacing memory”  @ Tel Aviv Museum 2014

Under Erasure_010


Albania, women justice and the law-1.7 

“Albania, Women, Justice and the Law” 2013

Bars Installation9

“Portraits” 2013


“Lanscape Legacy” 2012

“Lanscape Legacy” 2012

“Other countries. other Citizenships”2011@ 54th Venice Biennale (IT)

“Hats protect ideas” 2011


“Love Difference” 2011 

“Ain’t I a Women?” 2010





Solo show @ Jozsa gallery –  Installation “Moleskine Konrad” 2010


“Houses of the rising sun” 2005

“The 16 ways” 2007

Installation “Sunsex in Arizona” 2009

“Casa all’Italiana Superleggera” 2006

“Milan – Tokyo a round trip”

“One night only”


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  1. Dear Anila
    Welcome to Cleveland! I really like your work! You would be very welcome to visit our Lissauer Gallery in Shaker Heights at the Shaker Historical Society as our guest while you are in town! Leslye Arian is currently on display. Speak to Noel Reifel about our gallery at your opening at Zygote if you have questions about it… or call me at 216.921.1201 for details/directions on the Rapid. I hope to make your opening, but I have a prior obligation to go to Waterloo for the Maria Neil Art Project opening that evening.

    Ware Petznick
    Executive Director
    The Shaker Historical Society

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