Artist Anila Rubiku

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Anila Rubiku was born in Albania in 1970; today she lives and works in  between Toronto, Milan and Tirana. Rubiku’s work includes drawings and installations. She has developed a unique way of actively incorporating local people into community projects that combine tradition and art, local history and a contemporary perspective, creating a fascinating new hybrid. She takes as her material: gender; architecture; memories and history.

“Defiants’ Portraits#1-12″ at the 5th Thessaloniki Biennale

Installation Thessaloniki Biennale_2_Anila Rubiku

“Defiants’ Portraits#1-12″ at the 5th Thessaloniki Biennale

“A robe of envenomed agony” Prometheus Unbound, act 1,-Shelly  2015


“Effacing memory” (Dett) 2013

  Effacing memory (Dett) 2013


   Under Erasure @ Tel Aviv Museum 2014

Under Erasure_017

Under Erasure @ Tel Aviv Museum 
Under Erasure_010

“Albania, Women, Justice and the Law” 2013

Albania, women justice and the law-1.7  “Albania, Women, Justice and the Law” 2013

Bars Installation9“Portraits” 2013


“Lanscape Legacy” 2012

“Lanscape Legacy” 2012

“Other countries. other Citizenships” 2011

“Other countries. other Citizenships” 2011

“Hats protect ideas” 2011

“Love Difference” 2011

“Ain’t I a Women?” 2010

“Ain’t I a Women?” 2010

Image Solo show @ Jozsa gallery –  Installation “Moleskine Konrad” 2010


“Houses of the rising sun” 2005

“The 16 ways” 2007

Installation “Sunsex in Arizona” 2009

“Casa all’Italiana Superleggera” 2006

“Milan – Tokyo a round trip”

“One night only”

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